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For consumers interested in the chemistry of their Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds are an excellent choice as they are the same as mined diamonds, with the only distinguishable quality being that earth-mined diamonds will be identified with complex scientific testing.


Diamonds have long been among the greatest natural treasures unearthed by mankind. Their durability, beauty, and brilliance are evidence of the miracles produced by thousands of years of geological movements and processes. And yet the efforts required to bring these treasures forth from the earth have had a detrimental impact on our environment.

The spirit of sustainability is one in which mankind coexists harmoniously with our planet, never tipping the balance between that which we need to survive, and the renewable resources which we give back to the earth. Lab Grown Diamonds uses advanced technology which allows for the creation of these treasures without a negative environmental impact, which is something you can be proud to wear.

Environmentally friendly

When you hold a grown diamond, you hold a beautiful, durable gem made possible by dedicated and brilliant scientists. What you do not hold is a product that has come from a once vibrant habitat, or which required the damaging excavation of open pit mining.


Each Lab Grown Diamond is grown in a controlled, safe, and pristine laboratory, guaranteed free of any conflict zones worldwide.

Our diamonds are grown by a proprietary process that recreates the miracle of nature. Like mined diamonds, our grown diamonds are faceted and polished by highly skilled diamond cutters, certified by leading gemological institutes, then fashioned into elegant jewellery to be cherished for generations.

The price varies on different diamonds depending on the shape, cut, carat, clarity, and colour.

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